Monday, December 03, 2007


Tin Man

Part one of tin man started last night. Part two is tonight and the conclusion is tomorrow. If you missed last night it is on again before part two tonight. All three are on tomorrow. Tin Man is part of the current trend to reimagine old stories just like the new Battlestar Galactica, Batman Begins, and new Bond in Casino Royale. This of course is the reimagining of The Wizard of Oz. I was worried it was going to be filled with what I call Smallvilleisms. That is when a show uses famous quotes from past incarnations to add extra humor. "Clark, you may be faster than a speeding bullet, but..." Thankfully there do not seem to be that many in Tin Man. They also correct the major flaw in the original story. In TWoO Dorothy is unhappy with her current living arrangement that she longs to go over the rainbow. Yet as soon as she arrives in the ultracolorful Oz, she wants to go back home to live in poverty with her dirt-farming, teetotaling, elderly aunt and uncle. DG of Tin Man has other quests to go on and a much more vested interest in defeating the evil witch. She is in no hurry to get back to her dead end job as a waitress at a Kansas diner and it would be curprising if she went back at the end.

The Tin Man having no heart is this time metaphorical. He was a member of the resistance against the evil witch/queen which lead to the death of his family and his subsequent imprisonment and torture. He has temporarily given up his revenge quest to protect DG. The scarecrow's missing brain is more literal. The witch gave him a lobectomy to remove his memories of working with the previous administration. I would have just killed him, but TV and movie villains always have a flare for the dramatic. The cowardly lion's character is still not fully defined for my taste. It seems like he is just a hairy human who wears fur. He has psychic power but is too afraid to use them, also because the witch tortured him. She's nasty.

Still no Yellow Brick Road (only a brick road), Toto, Ruby Slippers, field of poppies, talking trees, or horse of a different color. Also no sister to drop a house on and it is not certain if the WWotW is meltable. What a world.

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