Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Bad Idea Jeans

The first scripted show has been canceled. Viva Laughlin was shut down after only two episodes. Whoever thought a musical television show would work was retarded. Did they learn nothing from Cop Rock? (Side note: I want Cop Rock on DVD) I watched both episodes this week. The first worked really well. The musical actually integrated into the show in a way that didn't make you laugh. The second episode was a different story. I was left saying, "Really?" My favorite thing about the show was Sexy Rexy from Days of Our Lives who was playing the detective investigating the murder of the business partner (pictured). I hope he gets another series next year. Melanie Griffin was wonderful as the "grieving" widow. I love when new things are tried on TV, but this wasn't new. It was a guaranteed failure.

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Totally want to borrow Cop Rocks. It was on before I really got into musicals and series TV.

Reminds me when Bevis & Butthead were watching a Reba MacEntire video set in a courtroom. They wondered if the video was an episode of Cop Rocks, then said it was probably the only episode of Cop Rocks. I was surprised to find out Cop Rocks lasted a couple of months; always thought it died after 3 or 4 episodes (like "Nearly Departed" which I saw every episode of).
My friend at Sony had to "cover" that show. Which means he was the executive in charge of keeping an eye on the show. So to answer your question, the head of production and CBS programmers thought it would work. There's more insider shit to tell, but I can't publish it here.....

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