Thursday, September 13, 2007


What new shows I'm watching this fall

The new season is about to begin. Unlike many recent years, this year has a far more traditional debut sequence. Most everything starts within the next three weeks. In the past shows have premiered from August through November. So here are the shows I plan on watching this fall.

DIRTY SEXY MONEY (ABC) - Finally a nighttime soap about the super-rich. The Carrington's were the richest family in Colorado, but this family is a super-rich Manhattan family. I like the idea of the show being from the point of view of the new family lawyer.

PUSHING DAISIES (ABC) - This has been getting lots of buzz. The premise sounds great: a pie maker has the ability to bring people back from the dead with a touch. But a second touch sends them back to the great beyond. The Principal from Boston Public plays a detective who the pie dude helps solve the murder of the people he brings back from the dead. The love story between him and a girl he brings back from the dead but can't touch already sounds tiring.

VIVA LAUGHLIN (CBS) - It's a musical television show about a casino in Laughlin. Laughlin is old people Las Vegas. That's where my parents go. The Wolverine is a recurring character as a rival casino owner. Melanie Griffin also costars. They had be at "musical"

BIONIC WOMAN (NBC) - Jamie Summers is back! How could I not watch this? Oh yeah, they cast homophobe Issiah Washington for a six episode arc. Hopefully his character dies or I may have to drop this.

CHUCK (NBC) - A nerd who works at a Best Buy type store gets all the government secrets downloaded into his brain and becomes a reluctant secret agent. Plus super hot Adam Baldwin from Firefly costars. This is my number one choice for the fall.

LIFE (NBC) - I may drop this show after a few episodes. I'm not one for the standard police procedural but this has a good mystery behind it. The main character was frame for murder and spent 11 years in jail. Now in addition to the case of the week, he is also working on finding out who framed him in the first place.

JOURNEYMAN (NBC) - Time travel is so easy to mess up I don't know why I'm planning to watch this. All I know is a guy starts bouncing through the recent past for no reason. It may be Quantum Leapish. I'll give it a try.

K-VILLE (FOX) - It's a cop show filmed and set in post Katrina New Orleans. The partners don't much care for each other.

GOSSIP GIRL (CW) - It's The OC in NY. Who is the Gossip Girl who blogs about her fellow students at this exclusive Upper East Side prep school? I want to know!

REAPER (CW) - This sounds like lots of fun. That guy from The Loop finds out he was sold to the devil by his parents as a baby. The devil is played by Laura Palmer's father/murderer. Now the guy is 21 and has to become the devil's bounty hunter. It's a great action/sci-fi/comedy!


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