Saturday, September 08, 2007


Torchwood starts tonight

This is my first mobile post from my new iphone. I'm eating with my left hand and typing with my right.

Tonight Torchwood starts on BBC America. This is sci fi show where an elite team fight aliens each week. Sounds like a lot of recent sci fi shows, huh? What makes this show different and worth watching is S-E-X. Reviews report a lot of sexy behavior between the characters. More importantly the lead hero, Captain Jack Harkness, is an openly bisexual dude from the future. He is played by super sexy John Barrowman who is openly gay in real life. Also even though he his Scottish he grew up in the US so he has no fruity accent. Don't miss the premier. Better yet, just come over to my house at nine and watch it with me.


I am also really excited about this show - though I have heard it's been heavily edited (removed sex scenes) from the original version. Tempted to see if Scarecrow has the unedited version out.
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