Thursday, September 27, 2007


She's Ugly!

Ugly Betty premier is tonight. If you don't remember last season, the big cliffhanger was Santos getting shot trying to get to Justin's musical performance of West Side Story. Alexis and Daniel got in a car accident on a dark deserted curvy road in the middle of Manhattan. Wilhelmina got Brandford to propose and is planning their wedding. Claire Meede breaks out of the prison transfer vehicle and was last seen running down the street in chains. Christina and Amanda got locked in the love dungeon where they discovered that Amanda was actually Fey Sommers daughter. Is Brandford her father? Is Daniel her brother? Eww. And finally, Charlie announced she's preggers with Henry's baby and the two left New York FOREVA!

But he'll be back. Both Henry and Clair are joining the cast full time this season, which starts tonight. I'm hosting the season premier party and everyone is welcome. Well, not everyone.


I got totally sucked that Santos was still alive and bawled like a baby when I found out he wasn't. Love this show!
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