Thursday, September 06, 2007


Planet Unicorn Heyyy

Over the weekend I was at Camp and fellow camper Dustin told me about Planet Unicorn. He could not stop laughing when just telling me about it. It was the first thing I looked up when I got home. Planet Unicorn is a YouTube animated show about a planet full of unicorns wished into existence by a 8-year-old gay boy after finding a magic lamp. OMGYG, this show is so funny. Here is episode 1:

You can check out all the episodes here:
I cannot get enough of this. I especially love the starting. I think I'll buy it as a ring tone for my new iPhone. That's right, I bought an iPhone today. Can I buy ring tone for my new iPhone? There's so much about my new iPhone I don't understand yet.

I'm gay. Goodbyyyyyye!


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