Friday, September 14, 2007


It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

I'm happy this show is back but there's two things I don't like about it. (1) I like this as a summer show. I think it is going to get lost this year debuting in the fall. (2) FX needs to sync their times up with TiVo. I missed the end of the Dumpster Baby episode last night.

There are many good things though. (1) They reruns these constantly so I set my TiVo to catch the episode again tonight. (2) They have two new episodes this week and two new episodes next week. (3) Danny Devito is back as Dennis and Dee's dad. Also he's Charlie's dad although he refuses to accept it. He had an affair with Charlie's mom but made her get an abortion. She did, but Charlie survived. That's the kind of outrageous story is something we can enjoy this season.

I noticed that they ran the double-epidodes as a one-hour episode which is why the Tivo thing was weird.
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