Sunday, September 16, 2007


The Funniest Thing on YouTube

My good friend Jeff turned me on to this YouTube video which after continuous watchings I've decided is the funniest thing on YouTube. It's is important to understand the background before watching.

So back in the 80's there was this woman named Brenda Dickson who was on the Young and the Restless. She was such a diva that she released a vanity video for her fans. Willie sent me this video months ago. It is very funny on it's own because it is so over the top. "Do you like my gown? It's very dramatic." It's completely serious. She discusses style, fashion, makeup, workout, and diet tips. Shortly after releasing this video she was fired from Y&R for being difficult to work with.

So earlier this year her vanity video was added to YouTube and several parody videos have been made. This is my favorite. They've taken the video and put a different voice over. It starts of strong, with a string of euphemisms for her lady area including fuzzy Mimosa and snackateria and stays funny all the way through.

I've watched this so many times so and I still laugh every time. There are a couple other funny. The first is a clip from The Soup and the second is some gay boys making their own version of the vanity video.

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I laughed every time.
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