Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Whoopi is the new Rosie

I guess after they had a taste of the already popular host, they had to repeat it. The View used to be about building up new careers...and then crushing them. Now they are just about crushing them. Whoopi was installed today as the new "moderator" on The View taking over for Rosie. I hope she can live through Elisabitch's crap she spews everyday. Or maybe she will just take her down where Rosie wasn't able or willing. Elisabeth's thinking is so illogical lately. I can't get into without just getting mad. I pray to baby Jesus that she will find out her husband is cheating on her. No not really. The praying I mean, I'm sure Tim banging other women (or men).

Anyway, at first I was disappointed in the decision. I found Whoopi a little boring when she co-hosted. At least Sheri Shepherd brings some more crazy life to the show. Whoopi is too calm. Plus she's Joy's age and now there's no 40ish panelist. But Whoopi is quick-witted and liberal so she should be a good match for Elisabitch.

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