Monday, August 27, 2007


Vegas on the Travel Channel

Over the weekend The Travel Channel had a Las Vegas marathon. Most of the Travel Channel's Vegas shows are in the Top Ten format and are lame and outdated. The Top Ten Places to Eat in Las Vegas. The Top Ten places to Cool Off in Las Vegas. The Top Ten places to Poop in Las Vegas. There were a couple new shows produced in 2007 over the weekend that I watched: More Vegas FAQs and More Vegas Do's and Don'ts. They never showed the originals, just the "more" shows. These will be repeated again on Thursday if you'd like to watch them. They have renewed my interest in going to Vegas. It has been over three years since I've been there. Maybe I'll stay at the Wynn.

Vegas is a city unlike any other. First it was all about gambling. Then the failed family friendly era. The Excalibur needs to be imploded. Then they realized they could make more money off the rooms for conventions. But now it looks like it's all about the party. The new thing I noticed in all these shows I watched was how the club scene has exploded in Las Vegas. And there's one thing Vegas knows how to do and that's make money on something. So they have people wait in long lines to go into half empty clubs OR they can pay lots more to get in without waiting in line. Once in you can buy $10 cocktails at the bar OR you can pay $300 for a bottle, table, and dedicated cocktail waitress. You can drink by the pool OR you can pay extra for a super crowded pool party. The good thing is Vegas always markets to the straights so there's no need for me to throw money at these boring, loud clubs and parties filled with milkbags. I'll stay at the tables and get my cocktails for free. Suckers!

They market them to straight people and play bad straight music. Also I've noticed that straight clubs tend to divide rather than unite.

I was sad in one of the shows when they were talking about clubs they didn't even mention the new gay club which would kick all the other clubs' asses. Would it have been so bad to say, "And if you're gay, or just think you might want to try it, here's a secret! One the best clubs in town is [whatever it is]."

This is Las Vegas after all. What happened to adventure?
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