Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Don't Forget about Fall Cable Shows

The new fall season will be all over the main networks next month. But don't forget about the great stuff coming out on our favorite cable stations in the next couple months.

Torchwood, debuts Saturday, Sept 8th, BBC America
Torchwood is a spin-off from Doctor Who. It is also an anagram of Doctor Who. Season 2 of Doctor Who dealt with the creation of the Torchwood institute by Queen Victoria and the modern day organization. Hot Captain Jack Harkness stars in this series. He appeared in several Doctor Who episodes from the first and third season. The BBC continuity has the first season of Torchwood between Seasons 2 and 3 of Doctor Who. As we are getting them out of order, there may be some spoilers in the next few weeks of Doctor Who as to what happened in Torchwood.

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Season 3 starts Thursday, Sept 13th, FX
The original pilot was written and produced by the three actors on a digital camera. FX picked it up. After a good run, they added Danny Devito to the cast for the second season. He has been fantastic. Anne Archer also has a recurring role as Danny Devito ex-wife. This show is always outrageous. They look at what is politically incorrect and go way beyond. Last season Charlie pretended to be crippled, Dee went on steroids, Mac had sex with Dennis and Dee's mom (Anne Archer), and they had a Jihad against their bar's Jewish landlord. The landlord was then bough out by Dennis and Dee's dad (Devito), thus giving him a reason to hang out with them. And also giving him a place to play poker with his Vietnamese business associates which is my favorite recurring joke of last season.

Stargate Atlantis, Season 4 starts Friday Sept 28th, Scifi
So SG1 is gone expect for a few upcoming movies. Atlantis has really been good. Col. Samantha Carter is now joining the cast as the new military commander of Atlantis. Dr. Weir was injured in an explosion in the season finale and wont be returning until the mid-season finale in December. I hope to see guest appearances by all the other SG1 personal in the upcoming seasons.

South Park, new episodes resume Wednesday Oct 3rd, Comedy Central
The second half of the 11th season of South Park returns in October. Nuff Said.

The Sarah Silverman Program, season 2 starts after the new South Park on Oct 3rd, Comedy Central
Just like "Sunny", Sarah's show shoots for political incorrectness. In the first season she took in a homeless man, then made him sleep in a box in her laundry room. She also became a lesbian, until she had to kiss a girl, ewww. The show is Comedy Central best live action non-sketch show since Reno 911. I don't know when that is returning.

Drawn Together, new episodes resume Thursday Oct 4th, Comedy Central
It's been almost a year since we have seen new episodes. Season 3 took a break mid-season with a cliffhanger with most of the Drawn Together house trapped in a car in the mall parking lot. The fourth season has not yet been produced and the creators left Comedy Central for other projects so it looks like this will be the end of the series.

Nip/Tuck Season 5 starts sometime this fall on FX
I've seen teaser ads for the new season in L.A. but no airdates have been announced.

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