Friday, July 13, 2007


Psych season 2

Psych returns for its second season tonight. USA seems to be the only place to do crazy gimmick detective shows that 80's TV was filled with. This show is really funny and always outrageous. It over uses the problem with most detective show which I call the stumble-upon-murder. You know, Magnum goes to a reunion and someone gets killed. Laura and Remington visit her sister and someone gets murdered. Michael Knight goes to a circus and someone gets killed. Jessica Fletcher walks out of her house and someone gets murdered.

But in addition the the stumble-upon-murders, Psych has its share of walk in client cases and butt-inski cases. Tonight I think is going to be one of the latter. Someone is trying to kill the American Idol rip-off show's evil British judge so Shawn and Gus try to get to the bottom of things. My vote is for rip-off Paula.

Good things about this show: Shawn is cute, Corbin Berson is wonderful, the SBPD are delightfully bumbling, it's very funny. Bad things about this show: it's clearly shot in Vancouver not Santa Barabara, Gus is too much of a killjoy, how do they stay in business?

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