Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Days of Our Lives

Days of Our Lives is good again this summer. Like lots of soaps, Days has one of those ridiculous bad guys. You know, the one that torments the lives of the main characters for no real reason, but doesn't go too far by killing them. He kidnaps people, he fakes deaths, he switches babies, he switches DNA paternity results, he steals kidneys. For Days, that guy is Stefano DiMera and he has died ten times according to Wikipedia. Usually his resurrections are explained, but the last one has just been forgotten. But the reason Days is good this summer, is the new backstory they've created for why Stefano and his sons are such dicks to the Brady family. They've gone way back in time to a pre-war love story that took place back in Ireland. The story is unfolding in letters that the Brady's have found between the Brady patriarch's sister and Stefano's father. Coincidentally the deceased ancestors look just like Sami Brady-Lucas and EJ Wells (Dimera) so as they are having the love letters translated, the viewers get to watch what unfolded in the past. I watched Days back in the early 80's as a child and they have bringing up a lot of old stories and characters with this new arc, that's why I love it.

And just for fun, here's some great clips I uploaded to YouTube. The first is EJ getting threatened by his half sister's mother. She's just mad because he threw her daughter (his half sister) in the old abandoned tunnel connecting the DiMera mansion and an old restaurant. The second is Sami discovering who is the hooded figure who brought them the love letters. "It's you!"...end of episode.


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