Thursday, May 31, 2007


Best Week Ever

Best Week Ever isn't on this week. Probably due to the holiday this week. Microsoft used to have this printed news letter called the Micronews. On weeks with a holiday, they took the entire week off. I always thought that was lame. Best Week Ever takes a week off out of every three or four and this is one of them. So to get you through the drought, he are the last five Best Week Ever's.

On May 25th, Heroes had the best week ever. And not just the show, but the NY subway hero and Paula Adbul who injured her nose while trying to protect her little dog Tulip.

On May 18th, Kelly Clarkson had the best week ever. That week was all about American Idol.

On May 11th, Summer Reality Shows had the best week ever. That week all the promos for the crappy summer shows came out. "No Bingo!"

On April 27th, People Who Didn't Deserve the Spotlight had the best week ever. Including (but not limited to) the American Idol crying girl and the kid who got hit by a football player.

On April 20th, Shaun Ellis the Man Amoung Wolves had the best week ever. Because white people crazy.

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