Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Rosie's Leaving The View

The only reason to watch the view is going to end in June. That's when Rosie's contract runs out. She and ABC could not agree on a new contract so that's it. I started watching The View in January. I highly recommend it. Rosie has given new life to the show's "Hot Topics" segment, frequently saying things no one else says on talk TV. Ratings are up 15% in their target demographic. I'll be interested to hear if there is more than just contract disputes going on.

At least we have six more weeks of Rosie before summer.

Since Rosie is already loaded, I highly doubt this is about money. I know contract disputes can often be about drivers and planes and junk. But still, they need to seriously kiss Rosie's ass because nobody will be watching that show anymore if she leaves. I know I won't be.

And Barabara obviously loves her. Barbara would go into a permanent depression without Rosie.
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