Friday, April 06, 2007


LOST 3.15: Girl on Girl on Monster

It was the old convicts-chained-together story with a twist on this week's LOST. While people lying to each other is a big recurring theme of this show, "Left Behind" took it to a whole new level. I think Kate and Juliet (Evangeline Lilly and Elizabeth Mitchell) both did some of the best acting I've seen on the show. Especially when they faced Smokey the Monster. I assume Juliet pretended not to know about the monster to learn what Kate knew about it. She didn't learn much. As much as we like Kate as viewers, I think her mom was right turning her in. Kate had no right taking the law into her own hands. How long was Kate on the run? The feds must have spent a fortune trying to catch her. I also liked the comedy of the Hurley-James con. Watching James try to be a nice guy was great. Today while walking through the park after lunch, I heard the monster. I looked around but no black smoke, only a Seattle Parking Enforcement officer printing out a ticket for a car parked too long on 11th. They sound remarkably similar.

Here's what we learned:

New Questions:
From the previews it looks like a Juliet episode next week. We get to see her arrival at the island via the sub.


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