Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Let's Go to the Mall!

My old, old, old friend Sean has been talking up How I Met Your Mother since the first season. I put it on my Tivo (and NetFlix) a few weeks back and I understand why. While I still think 30 Rock is the funniest sitcom on TV right now, this is a close second. The thing I love about it is the non-linear story telling. They often jump around and use lots of pre-season 1 flashbacks. Monday was a repeat of what is sure to go down as one of the funniest of the show. The gang tries to discover Robin's Canadian secret. Doogie thinks she did porn. Marshall thinks she has a secret Canadian husband. The truth is beyond funny as they discover she was a teenage Canadian pop star with one hit "Let's Go to the Mall!"

I've been singing this all week. Not surprisingly, I have this great desire to go to the mall.

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