Friday, April 13, 2007


Get in the Gate

Both Stargates return tonight. It has been quite some time since the mid-season finales. Since then we've seen the entire third season of BSG and elected a new Congress. If you don't remember we were, here's a brief history.

Stargate: SG1 10.10 - The Quest Part 1. SG1 reluctantly teams up with Inara and Hot Baal to get through one task after another on their way to find the Sangraal aka The Holy Grail. This is neither a cup nor the descendant of Jesus, but instead is an Ancient weapon they can use against the Ori. The cliffhanger was the new threat: a firebreathing dragon. Cool!

I've been watching SG1 since the beginnings on Showtime. Although I prefer Jack to Cam, the Ori story is my favorite arc of the series. I hated the Apophis stories way back in the beginning. The Anubis story was good. The replicators were the worst. The Ori are a scary and formidable foe while there's still some hope to be defeated.

Stargate: Atlantis 3.10 - The Return Part 1. A ship of Ancients return. Yay! But they kick out the Tau'ri (that's us). Boo! But General O'Neil is back. Double Yay! But then replicators arrive. Double Boo!

I love the new Trans-Galactic gate system although I don't think it makes much sense. The gate address is relative to it's location to star systems within it's galaxy. When you get that far out of the galaxy, is it really going to work anymore?

Also tonight is the debut of Painkiller Jane. It looks like Heroes if Claire was working for the government and hunting down the other heroes. I'll give it a try since I missed The Dresden Files.

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