Sunday, March 25, 2007


LOST 3.13: I Want a Magic Box Too

As I keep saying, no one ends an episode better than LOST. It could have ended well with the explosion in the sub. They pushed it up one more with the reveal of Locke's father Cooper in a closet. They gave us a lot of information (or did they?) about the mystical events on the island. Ben's description of a "Magic Box" could mean on of three things: (1) There's a physical place on the island that gives one what is asked for, (2) The entire island is the box and which gives you what you want, (3) It's all bull shit to mess with Locke's head. The later seems unlikely since Locke got the use of his legs back some how. Now that the sub is gone, is there anyway to get off the island? How did Michael and Walt get off then? How do the Dharma drops find the island?

Here's what we learned:
And here's some new questions:


My new theory is that Ben is one of the people that is supposed to die and he knows it. He's been spending his whole life manipulating he lives of the people that are supposed to have something to do with his death. But he just can't keep them away.
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