Monday, January 22, 2007


Prison Break returns

Watching Prison Break requires a highly level of suspension of disbelief than Heroes, LOST, or Battlestar Galactica. Events on this show are very, very implausible. Still it's quite entertaining. Tonight the season resumes where it left off with Burrows and Scofield narrowly escaping Agent Mahone with the unlikely assistance of evil-doer Kellerman. Still at large are T-Bag, C-Note, Sucre, and the mostly forgotten Haywire. The best twist of the year is the incarceration of the other evil-doer Bellick at Fox River. Bellick was the former head correctional officer there. It is not likely he will survive very long. This makes for a great plot-point, but the swift timing of this all was hard to believe. I would love to see Dr. Sara and Kellerman face off again. She's awesome.

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