Friday, December 29, 2006


Simpsons Brokeback

A few weeks back on The Simpsons, Bart became best friends with bully Nelson. Things didn't work out and this is how the episode ended.

Hopefully the YouTube link is still valid. It's copywritten material so it is technically not supposed to be up there. I hope everyone still watches The Simpsons. This season is the best in years.

Brokeback Mountain has been showing up in lots of places lately. On Prison Break, Bellick was asked if he and Geary were "Brokebacking it" in Kansas. In the new movie Night at the Museum, Cowboy Owen Wilson say something like "I wish I could quit you." I don't remember the line but it wasn't exactly the same line from BBM, but I knew what they were trying to say.

It's nice that you've finally integrated media into a blog about media. I look forward to more entertaining and touching clips.
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