Thursday, November 02, 2006


LOST 3.05: You're Next

On this episode...Locke lead an expedition to the Pearl Station, Juliet told the truth to Jack, the smoke monster killed Eko, and Paolo went to the bathroom. I'm not quite sure why they killed off Eko so early in the season. It seemed clear he was going to die from the flashbacks, where his backstory was cleaning itself up quite nicely. I still expected more out of him this season. On the other island, Juliet's powerplay against Ben is turning delicious. We know Ben has followers and Juliet even has problems picking a book for the book club that Ben wouldn't like. It will be amazing to see where this season goes. Here's what we found out:

And here are the new questions:


I think the Juliet and Ben thing is all part of the same crazy con. They're trying to feign weakness to put Jack in a position where he feels he needs to save the day. And we all know how Jack loves to save the day. And when he does... bam! That's when he gets it.

I'm actually starting to like the others. I am so annoyed by Jack.
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