Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Great night of Television

Tonight has it going on, just like Stacy's Mom. I'm most excited about the third season premier of LOST. It's a Jack episode so we can be certain we will see what happened to them. Of course nothing will be as it seems. It will take most of the mini-season to hammer out the consequences of last season's finale. The only thing we don't really know about Jack is what happened to cause his marriage to breakdown. I think his wife was having an affair with his father. I'm assuming this based on the fact that his father called Ana-Lucia "Sarah" during her flashback and that's the name of Jack's wife. If so, she's such a butt-bag. So are Jack and his father for that matter.

Also tonight is the premier of The Nine. This is my most anticipated new show of the fall. More about that tomorrow.

Runway is new, but it's a reunion show so it's not really new. Next week is part one of the finale.

Jericho is going strong and I'm enjoying it. Episode three is on tonight at 8:00 before LOST, but on CBS.

Finally tonight is the premier of the epic tenth season of South Park. From the preview I saw during the Daily Show, it looks like the boys become addicted to a video game. They are all fat now too. Afterwards is a new show called Freak Show. I'm not too optimistic about this one.

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