Thursday, September 21, 2006


Jericho recap: It's good and it's bad

Jericho started last night. I think it's got great potential but this particular episode wasn't the best. The townsfolk going all moblike was so predictable. And you'd never guess that there was one or more escaped criminals on the loose. Also, how did Jake know there was an empty crashed prison bus. I'm already sick of Major Dad's motivational speeches. I want a genetically enhanced shark to eat him. However, there's a lot of potential and some great mysteries. What caused the bombing? Why hasn't anyone heard from the neighboring towns or Wichita? Who is the mysterious black guy who knows how to get things done? Was he off the prison bus? What was Jake doing in the last five years? What was he going to do with his inherience? Did the love interest's finance survive? How will the town survive? I look forward to future episodes.>

Some interesting questions, I look forward to the answers.
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