Friday, September 08, 2006


Duplicate Shows this Fall

For some reason there are lots of new shows this fall with similar premises. This happens now and then and usually only one, if either, makes it to a second season. Here's my take on this years double-mint shows:

Behind the Scenes of Television: Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip vs. 30 Rock
Both have numbers in their names, both are about the behind the scenes shenanigans/drama of a SNL type show, and both are on the same network. My vote is on the Tina Frey comedy although shows about "the industry" never do well so don't get attached to either.

Kidnapped vs. Vanished
Both are about high profile missing persons cases and both are not what they seem to be. I would wait to see if there's a season two for either and then watch season 1 on DVD next summer. In other words, don't get too attached to either.

Football Mania!: The Game vs. Friday Night Lights
The Game is a sitcom on The CW about pro football players and their wives while Friday Night Lights is an NBC drama about high school football. The Game has the best chance of making it, since there is still comedy to be derived from this premise after the Super Bowl.

Hostage situation: The Nine vs. Standoff
The Nine is about a group who were held in a bank standoff for more than two days while Standoff is about the team that negociates such standoffs. Are there that many standoffs a year that there can be 22 different episodes about this team of specialists? The Nine is the winner here.

Den of Thieves: Smith vs. The Knights of Prosperity
In the third of drama/sitcom premises, Smith is about a crack team who pulls of elaborate heists while The Knights of Prosperity is about a bumbling team who try to pull of heists. Maybe there's room for both.

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