Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Work Out Finale tonight

I forgot Work Out is on Tuesdays. I usually watch it Wednesday with Project Runway. I picked up this show late. I was turned on to it by DTVB readers Matt and Ted, both whom workout more than I do. Here's the premise of this reality show. Sky Sport and Spa is the newest gym in Beverly Hills. They opened on the top floor of an old mid-rise office building. They have celebrity and non-celebrity clients. Jackie is the owner and a big lesbian. She has a bunch of trainers, many of whom are gay and probably want to be models or actors or something. It's a very gay show. The show is supposed to be about the trainers and their drama and the drama of the clients. But most of the recurring drama on the show is about Jackie and her annoying girlfriend Mimi. It's on tonight at 10:00 and then repeated several times during the week. Also, I love Doug, he is hot!

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