Thursday, August 17, 2006


Tensions run high on Project Runway

Poor Alison never recovered from her weird square skit thing she threw out and got tossed out herself last night. I really liked her and was expecting her to make it. Non-gay Michael won for the second week in a row. But the honeymoon is over for the designers. Kayne and Robert got catty in the lunch room about crazy Laura. Laura went on about how crazy Vincent is, which he is. Jeffrey bashed Michael's winning design. I liked Michael's but Jeffrey's was better in my opinion. While being lightly critiqued by Laura, Kayne snaps and calls her character into question. Down boy. But the best was at the end when crazy Laura decides to point out how crappy Vincent is and he should have been kicked off instead of sweet little Alison. Mayhem ensued.

It was a good episode. I really didn't like Laura before last night, but now I do. She's talented and she's got a bit of an attitude, but not too much. I didn't think she was being critical of Kayne, I thought it was good constructive criticism that once he starts going a little haywire, he gets worse over time instead of reigning himself in.
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