Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Product Placement Gone Good

In the before time, product placement was always viewed as unpleasant or unseemly. Why did it matter what cola the protagonist drinks, is that crucial to the story? Of course not. In the age of TiVo it is becoming an acceptable evil. Ford sponsors a commercial free episode of 24 and we expect Jack Bauer to be driving one. It makes sense even though we role our eyes as the camera lingers on the blue oval. But in the age of reality shows it is time to embrace it. There's really no reason to role our eyes, the sponsors have a role in these shows now. Over on Treasure Hunters they get messages on their Motorola phones and search the internet on These are part of the show and it would be odd if they pixalated the company names. But my favorite use of product placement is on Project Runway. It has reached an absurd level. A sample Tim Gunn line: "Now take your models to the Tresemme hair salon, the L'Oreal makeup room, and don't forget to utilize the Macy's accessory wall." It's brilliant and I laugh every time. Don't miss the new episode tonight.

"BRAND ON!" as you would say.

I had to laugh at that, too, during last weeks episode.

I read in EW that Tim is single on purpose and does not expect to have a boyfriend ever again. WOW!
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