Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Prison Break

I watched the Prison Break season 2 premier and I have to say, I love it. The new FBI guy is a great addition. This show now has two good guys (Scofield and FBI/Sheriff guy) who have completely opposing agendas. I really want the FBI/Sheriff guy to win, but I also want Scofield and John Doe to get away also. I do want more than anything for Captain Bellick to die this season. I love the fact that everyone who was helping them on the outside is now gone since they are on the outside now. Sadly that's because most of them are dead. The president's presumed dead brother had to be recast since Dr. Phlox is now in a new show this fall called The Nine. I'm looking forward to that. I was happy to see Dr. Tandreci to survive her drug overdose. I'm excited to see how she gets out of the aiding and abetting charge. I hope this season we see more of Admiral Ro, Mike Hammer, Home Alone Dad, and the WB president from Nobody's Watching. I love all those characters. Wow, there are a lot of bad guys in this show. Here are the new storylines for the season:

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