Tuesday, June 06, 2006


The Apprentice is Sean

Sean is just a far to excitable person. He's jumping up and down and acting like a maniac. I was expecting him to pull out a ring and propose to Tammy on "live" TV last night. Of course we here on the West Coast ghetto got screwed with the tape delay. It was clear that Sean was going to win. Both events went off very well but Sean has but more experience managing big projects so he's the one to oversee the SoHo highrise. Everyone knew that but noone would say it. Why were Don Jr., Ivanka, and George so hesitant to say what was so obvious. The Carolyn says she has a pick but Donald doesn't even let her say it. It was a very odd finale. Here's some bullet points about the episode.

You need to add "SPOILER:" to this. Some people have been playing their XBox 360 all night long and haven't watched their Tivo yet!
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