Thursday, May 04, 2006


The O.C.

So this season, Kirstin whined a lot, Sandy turned to an evil capitalist, Summer got smart, Seth smoked pot, Marissa destroyed people's lives, Ryan got into several fights, Kaylie turned up looking sexy, and Julie's and Summer's dad got it on. Also Seth and Summer and Ryan and Marissa broke up. Seth and Summer may have gotten back together last week. It was hard to tell between all of Summer's vomiting. She drank lots. There's two episodes left and here's my prediction. The police will search the house while investigating Sandy and discover Seth confession note that Summer left on Sandy's desk. They'll then search Seth's room for drugs and then arrest him. He won't get to go to Rhode Island. Summer will not go to Brown so she can stay with Seth, since she is responsible for it. Neither Marrisa nor Ryan will go to Berkeley since neither of them enjoyed the orientation weekend anyway. That leaves all the main cast members safely within the county limits for the next many seasons. Yay! Their lives suck for our entertainment.

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