Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Invasion - New Hurricane

Invasion has been very slow going. I'm surprised it survived over Threshold. Invasion is a family drama disguised as a scifi show. I guess all scifi shows have to have a sub-genre. I am getting tired of the "your destroying this family" storyline every week. The reason this show will never be great is its lack of ability to balance a good story of the week with the overall mystery. Telling a story over the course of an entire season is one of the best new trend in television. Veronica Mars, Lost, and 24 all do this well. Each week there is a story with a beginning, middle, and end and the bigger mystery is progressed. With Invasion the stories are all about the family and I really don't care that the daughter befriends hybrids or the son is getting more violent toward the hybrids or the step-father gave the boy a gun. I will probably drop this next season. The only reason I keep watching is for the hot ranger guy. Tonight there's another hurricane coming and the hybrids can feel it.

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