Thursday, May 18, 2006



Last night's LOST had lots going for it. We get to see what Michael was up to during his absence. It was only the third time we got a island flashback. Or was it the second? Can we count "The Other 48 Days" as a flashback? Irregardless, we see more of Alex, Mr. Smilely, and were introduced to Miss Clue (or Klue, or Klugh, whatever). In a surprise move, Jack told someone his back story. He told Sayid he was in Sydney to bring back his father's body. No one every tells anyone their backstory. I was also surprised at Sawyer's confession to Jack that not only did he screw Anna-Lucia but he's Jack's new BFF. Maybe they might start trusting each other. Naaaa. So here's what we know now:

Here are the new questions:

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