Friday, July 15, 2005


Best Week Ever - Modern Humorist

SciFi Friday is here! Hooray! Also don't miss The 4400 on Sunday.

So I can't say enough about Best Week Ever. This show is sooooo funny. If you miss it tonight right after Battlestar Galactica, it's rerun all weekend. One of my favorite jokes they've had recently was during the segment called upgrade/downgrade. The panelist comment of common themes in pop culture such as what the former Friends are doing now. Lisa Kudrow in The Comeback...downgrade. A couple weeks back the topic was new music videos. Here's what The Modern Humorist said:

Michael Colton: I hate to admit it but I really love that new Kelly Clarkson video.
John Aboud: No, that's Kelly Osborne.
Michael Colton: Oh, Downgrade!

I then sent them the following email:

Hi Modern Humorist, I wanted to thank you for making me laugh on Best Week Ever for the past year. I recently made all my friends put BWE on their TiVos. Now we laugh and laugh each weekend when we get together for brunch. My friend Matt and I have quoted the Kelly Clarkson-Kelly Osbourne-Downgrade joke repeatedly at many bars accross Seattle. Thanks again! --Daniel

This was their reply:

Joke? We don't "joke" on the show. We provide analysis and context on the week's news. We'd appreciate it if you'd stop laughing.
PS: Brunch is the best meal ever.

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