Thursday, September 27, 2018


SNL Season 43

SNL season 44 starts on Saturday. Here is my list of best sketches from season 43.

10) Kumail Nanjiani - The Nursing Home
Would it make you feel any better if I said no?

9) Jessica Chastain - What even matters anymore?
A perfect portrayal of what watching too much news feels like right now. Sponsored by Little Ball.

8) Saoirse Ronan - The Office Race
This sketch is very odd and gets odder at the end.

7) Chance the Rapper - Wayne Manor
Batman, someone gotta do something about him

6) Larry David - Celebrity Price is Right
Bernie Sanders on Price is Right could never fail. But everyone on this sketch hits it out of the park.

5) Amy Schumer - 'Lil Rent
Let's just change HIV/AIDS to diabetes and everything will be fine.

4) Natalie Portman - My Little Stepchildren
Sadly this was cut for time and never aired. But it will live forever on the internet.

3) Bill Hader - The Californians
I can never have enough of The Californians.

2) Chadwick Boseman - Black Jeopardy
Karen, keep your bland-ass potato salad to yourself

1) James Franco - The Spelling Bee
Easily the funniest sketch of the season with words like Urophiliac

Best Weekend Update Character - Angel, the boxer's girlfriend
She's going to take her kids to her sister's

Best Monologue - John Mulaney
Prove, prove, prove you're not a robot!

Best episode - Bill Hader
Lots of other great sketches and the return of Stephan


Sunday, September 09, 2018


More 2018 Fall shows

I never finished up my upfront review from last May. And now the fall shows are about to start. So here's the rest of them.


The Cool Kids
It's the new Golden Girls. Three friends at a retirement community have their lives shaken up with the arrival of trouble maker Vicky Lawrence. Great additional cast include Martin Mull, David Allen Grier, and Beverly Leslie himself, Leslie Jordan.

From comic Rel Howley and based on his life, this sitcom is about a divorced dad starting over. Even without all the church stuff, this show is not for me.

The Passage - A secret government research facility is trying to fight a pandemic.
Proven Innocent - Legal drama about overturning wrongful conviction

The CW
Charmed is back but without Shannon Doherty, because no one would hire Shannon Doherty. I never watched the original but I never heard good things about it so I won't watch this either.

All American
Football something something. This will probably be a hit but I'll never watch one episode.

Yay, more Vampires. I usually like The CW, but these three shows are crap.

In The Dark - A blind women solves murders. I don't know what more to say except, sign me up.
Roswell, New Mexico - A reboot of the original show Roswell but with adults instead of teenagers. This I will watch as I loved the original.


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