Saturday, October 14, 2017


New #DickGentlyBBCA season starts tonight! @DirkGentlyBBCA

Sunday, October 01, 2017


New shows this week 2017-10-01

Ghosted - Fox
A new paranormal comedy with two of my favorite comic actors? Sign me up!

Wisdom of the Crowd - CBS
I have an unexplained hatred of Jeremy Piven. Plus this idea of crowd sources crime would never work. There would be more fake and fraudulent leads than real ones by far.

Ten Days in the Valley - ABC
I'm not exactly sure what this show is about. It's about a kidnapping that mirrors the story of a TV show the main character works on. It sounds interesting but my list is really full right now. I can't take on too many new shows.

The preview had nothing funny in it. What is it with comedies not being funny? I know it can happed, just look at Will & Grace and The Good Place. Both are laugh out loud funny. CBS doesn't know what it is doing anymore.

The Gifted - Fox 
If this is half as good as the other X-Men TV show, Legion, then it will still be worth watching. The creator is the guy who did Burn Notice so I have high expectations.

The Mayor - ABC
I still haven't decided if I want to watch this. It does have Rachel from Glee and Shirley from Community so that might change my mind.


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