Thursday, August 03, 2017


My #DoctorWho Season 10 review @bbcDoctorWho

First, my rankings for best Doctor and best companions.

#1 David Tennant
Tied for #2: Christopher Eccleston, Matt Smith, Peter Capaldi

#1 Donna
Tied for #2: Rose, Captain Jack, Martha, Amy, Rory, River, Bill, Nardole
Last place: Clara

I think the Twelfth Doctor would have been better received if he hadn't been saddled with the worst companion in the modern version of the show. Once the Doctor got rid of Clara, he really began to shine. I would love another season of Capaldi but three seasons seems to be the current limit for actors playing The Doctor.

The tenth season saw the doctor much older and now working at a University guarding a mysterious vault. With little surprise, Missy/Master was in the vault. Now much older herself, Missy is given a new chance at redemption. Of course her previous incarnation kills her rather than see himself become virtuous and help the doctor.

Bill was the perfect companion. She was curious and smart, although she only worked at the University where the Doctor works. She was also a lesbian and no one cared. Well, the Roman soldiers thought she shouldn't be old fashioned an limit herself to one gender. I was worried she would have a bad ending as she became a Cyberman in the penultimate episode of the season. But there was a great destiny waiting for her with the Heather-Puddle and they went off to explore the universe together.

This season the doctor was blinded and the Earth was completely invaded again. They went to Victorian London, Mars, some future space station filled with zombies, and Roman era Scotland. It was my favorite season since season six where we learned the origin of River Song. Unlike some jerks, I'm looking forward to a Lady Doctor. Just give her some good companions.


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