Saturday, June 10, 2017


CBS Fall 2017 Shows, my impressions...

I'm back from vacation and ready to finish up on my upfronts reviews. Let's continue with CBS.

The big news is they finally have a trailer for Star Trek Discovery which was supposed to be part of last season's schedule. But it looks terrible. They said, what did people hate about past Star Trek shows? The hated the prequel. Let's do that again! They hated the lady captain. Let's do that again! But of course I'm going to watch it.

Young Sheldon
The trailer looks great. It's your basic The Goldbergs slash Wonder Years with a grown-up version of the character narrating the events of his childhood. The difference is the audience is already familiar with the adult character and his idiosyncrasies.

Me, Myself and I
Bobby Moynihan is leaving SNL to star in his own show. This is about the three stages of a characters life, a 14 yo version growing up in the 90s, the 40 yo version going through a divorce, and the 65 year old version played by John Larroquette. I think this might be a good formula and I plan on watching.

An actor moves back to New York and lives next door to his parents and brother, on either side of him. I watched the trailer and didn't laugh once.

Seal Team
This is totally not The Brave. That show is on NBC and it is totally different.

You know what CBS needs? Another police prodecural. The original SWAT starred TV series kiss-of-death Robert Urich and only lasted two seasons.

Wisdom of the Crowd
Crowdsourcing to solve crime. It's CBS so it's a procedural. And it's got Jeremy Piven, another reason not to watch.


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