Thursday, May 18, 2017


FOX Fall 2017 Shows, my impressions...

FOX has some of the best shows of all the networks.  The only three new shows on their fall schedule are all science fiction.

The Orville
After watching the trailer three times, I'm even more excited about this than I was when I first heard about this last month. This looks so good, CBS should just cut their loses and stop production of that crappy new Star Trek show right now.

A family with two mutants kids goes on the run from the government. Considering how good Legion was, I'm expecting this to be good, even if it does have kids in it. I'm glad they are making more X-Men based TV shows.

Adam Scott and Craig Robinson join a secret agency hunting the paranormal and aliens. This looks hilarious.

LA to Vegas
This show is about a flight crew going the short trip from LA to Las Vegas. The trailer looks hilarious but I can't image this will be successful. I love everyone in the cast.

The Resident
A medical show with a failing star surgeon now killing people and an obnoxious head resident who the new interns hate. I have never liked medical dramas so this won't get my attention.

A rather bland sounding procedural about first responders. There's not even a trailer for it on FOX's youtube channel. But Angela Basset is in it so there's that.


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