Sunday, May 07, 2017


#AmazingRace 28 halfway point, go #TheBoys and #TeamBrookeandScott

We are halfway through the current season of The Amazing Race. We are down to six teams. Only three will make it to the finals. I currently like all but one team.

Team The Boys are the team to beat. Unless they have some bad luck, they will likely come out on top. I love watching Matt scamper up things like a fucking spider monkey. And I still want to rub my face in Redmond's beard for hours.

Team Brooke and Scott have come a long way. I was really surprised they made it out of Venice not in last place. Hopefully Brooke can pull her shit together. As a fellow gay ginger, I have to root for Scott. I love it when he flirts with Redmond.

Team Fun is exactly that. They are always smiling and having a great time. How can I not want them to win?

Team LoLo seem to be in the crosshairs of a couple other teams right now. Logan is so fucking hot I can't stand it. Why won't he take his shirt of again?

Team Liz and Mike as just so adorable. They have a speed bump to deal with as well as their failing team dynamics. I still love them and hope they figure things out.

Team Mom and Dad are the only ones I don't like. They knocked out my future ex-husband Seth with the U-turn so I will never forgive them. I want them out next!


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