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It does seem to be a Depeche Mode kinda day. Earlier I was listening to the Nerdist podcast with Dave Gahan. Now The Leftovers starting song is a cover of Personal Jesus.

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"The can just said meat." Did @TheGoldbergsABC make a reference to forgotten 80s scifi show #Otherworld?

Otherworld lasted only 8 episodes in 1985. I watched in on SciFi channel (now SyFy) in the early 90s with my college friends. "The can just said meat" was from the first episode. We still quote that to each other to this day. The label on the one of the Goldbergs looks just as unappealing.


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My #TheExpanse season 2 review @ExpanseSyFy

While my blog has always been completely spoilery, I will draw the line on discussing content from the books when reviewing The Expanse. I have read all six books. I will not spoil anything from the books that has not been on the TV show.

Season two can be divided into two parts. The first part is the completion of the Eros story and its trip into Venus. Then the action moves to Ganymede and the Saturn system for the end of the season. These two parts correspond to the two books. The recent season ended about halfway through the second book, Caliban's War. Which was the title of the final episode of the season. The season one finale episode title was also the title of the first book, Leviathan Wakes.

Coming from a book reader, my favorite things about this season is the expansion of thing that were only mentioned in the book, specifically the raid and destruction of Phoebe station, Epstein's ill fated test flight, and the disaggregation of the Arboghast. The latter was a great season ending point.

From a TV viewing standpoint, these are my other favorite points of the season.

I'm also happy they seem to have fixed some of the gravity issues in the writing. I'm pretty sure in season one, the Roci was docked at Tycho in a way that would make the side hull the floor. Arghh! I have to wait nine months for season 3!


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My #TheMagicians season 2 review @MagiciansSyfy

I haven't read the source material for SyFy's The Magicians but my friend/co-worker has. He keeps me up on the many changes from the books. I think this show is a perfect example of change from the original doesn't mean it's bad. Both stories are great.

Season two was better than season one. I feel it was much more of a complete story. Season one set up the beast as the Big Bad. By the end of that season we only knew who the beast was but they did not win their big battle. By the end of season two, all of the open storylines had been closed up: The Beast/Martin Chadwick was defeated, the wellsping was restored, Julia was made whole, Alice was revived, peace was restored with the northern kingdom, and Reynard the Fox was neutralized. After these accomplishments, the kings and queens of Fillory are faced with new bigger problems: the old gods shut off magic and the fairies lay siege to the royal castle. Better yet, by the end of the season, all the personal grudges the characters had against each other all fell aside as they dealt with their insane life struggles.

Here are some of my favorite things about this season.


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I don't know how you'd improve on a solid half hour about syphilis #ArcherFXX @ArcherFXX #Dreamland


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Justin Theroux's beard in #Leftovers is so fucking hot I can't stand it

Also the cop uniform is giving me a constant boner


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Let's home this season is better than the last one. It kinda fell apart in the middle.


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My #Grimm final season review. @NBCGrimm #GrimmFinale

Grimm ended after six seasons last month. I once described it as an adult Buffy. Nick has his Scooby Gang and the Spice Shop is not unlike The Magic Box. At both places the gangs spend a lot of time looking through old books. On Grimm it's with 30 somethings instead of teenagers, thus adult Buffy.

Anyway, one of the things I liked about this show was the shifting of alliances.

In season five they finished with the mystery of the keys. They opened a box from the crusades and found a stick that had magical healing powers. I thought this was going to end up being a piece of the true cross. That would have made their story very similar to the recent season of Legends of Tomorrow. But it turned out to be a piece of Zerstörer's (aka Satan) Staff. 

The season starts with Nick as a fugitive and Renard ordering him to be shot on sight. They resolve their differences after Nick impersonates Renard and says Nick was under cover and is a hero. Renard is also haunted by the sexy ghost of Miesner who helps him come back to the good side.

There was a wonderful light episode in the middle where the gang heads up to a resort for Monroe's birthday. They get spiked with a love potion that ends in death. Hank ends up falling in love with himself as he drinks the one meant for Rosalyn. She abstains as she is pregnant. It was a great one-off episode before the long predestined fight with Zerstörer at the end of the season.

In the end everyone dies expect Nick, Trubel and the kids. And by everyone, I mean everyone. Even the side characters at the police station. Luckily when Nick and Trubel finally defeat the Big Bad, Nick and the Staff gets sucked into a Mirror World portal which spits him out three days in the past where no one has died yet. So everyone gets to die and then everyone lives happily ever after.

Flash forward to 20 years in the future where everyone's kids are grown up and working together to defeat evil.

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My #LegendsOfTomorrow season 2 review @TheCW_Legends

If I could tell the 12 year version of me that someday there would be seven time travel TVs on, it would blow his/my mind. I don't even watch two of them. Time After Time is a rather ridiculous premise to being with. When Daniel Grayson (aka Jack the Ripper) managed to heat up a microwave burrito without burning his tongue, I was out. H.G. Wells inventing a time machine is fine, but I draw a line at the burrito thing. I gave up on Timeless because of its uninteresting secret society conspiracy. But I still watch Making History, Travelers on Netflix, 12 Monkeys, Doctor Who, and of course Legends of Tomorrow.

The season the Legends battled the Legion of Doom for the Spear of Destiny. This object could rewrite reality. We also got two new crew members Nate (aka Steel) and the Vixen from the 40s. Lana stepped in as captain so effortlessly I forget she hadn't been captain all along. The search of Rip and the pieces of the spear lead the team all over time, culminating at a double final battle during WWI which ultimately broke time. But they will have to fix that in season three.

Here are the highlights.

In medievel England, Lana Lance has a relationship with Guinevere while they visit Camelot. She then becomes the legend of Lancelot.

The Legends interact with and inspire both George Lucas and J.R.R. Tolkien. Although first they fucked up Lucas who gave on Hollywood after getting caught in a laser gun fight between the Legends and the Legion. They fixed him. Tolkien comes along while this diverse group seeks to destroy an object of extreme power.

They get stuck in the Cretaceous and have to get part of the ship back from a T-Rex nest in an episode titled Land of the Lost.

They battled aliens as part of the 4 part cross over with The Flash, Supergirl, and Arrow. The hanger the use as a base looks surprisingly like the Hall of Justice from the Superfriends.

And then we get the Legion of Doom building later in the season when they get their hands of the Spear.

It is wonderful watching TV shows made by people who watched the same shows I did as a kid. I wonder if there is going to be any cast changes next season. I hear they may cycle in and out a bunch of minor DC heroes over the seasons. I would love to see Blue Beetle and Booster Gold. In one comic series, Booster is Rip's dad.


The #Sense8 @Sense8 Season 2 Trailer Looks Amazing

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My #Colony season 2 review @ColonyUSA

We all know that Colony is not so veiled WWII story. It's not even the first scifi WWII, V did this back in the 80s. This year they even add the SS, I mean Blackjacks. But Colony is some good story telling with compelling family dynamics.

But the big question of why the aliens would bother coming to Earth and putting in all the effort to kill and control the humans has not been explained. Any resources on the planet are much more plentiful elsewhere in the system. Ganymede has more water than Earth at 10% the gravity. There's probably even more in the Oort cloud along with precious metals and anything else. The gravity well is not even an issue way out there. They also use humans as slave labor which is nonsense. We are almost to the point where robotics and automation are cheeper than slave labor, and we can't even send people out of low orbit right now. In the end, Colony suffers from the same problem of all alien invasion stories: there's almost no reason for them to come here. For a more reasonable alien invasion story, read my new book Sorry We Were Late available on Amazon.

But I still like the show. Here are my favorite story arcs this season.

Sawyer went to Santa Monica to find his son lost on the other side of the wall. This led to some interesting loyalty questions the son didn't know who to trust, his father or the gangster who he worked for and who had taken care of him. Sawyer took a dark turn and killed the gangster. On their escape to LA, a new interesting mystery was posed: why didn't the drones kill Sawyer? Later they let Broussard live as well.

Maddie has a meteoric rise and then a catastrophic collapse. She drinks the Kool-Aid big time and helps spread the alien religion "The Greatest Day" which still isn't fully explained. Then the Dixie Chick's husband kicks her to the curb and she seemingly get slaughtered when LA get depopulated. Or maybe they spared her like Sawyer and Broussard?

Bram ends up being better at the resistance than either of his parents. First he helps blow up a Rap transport from the distribution center and then he joins the Red Hand and kills the top official in the Green Zone attack. He's also the only resistance member to escape after that attack.

I also like the addition of Liz Taylor as the new dick boss at Homeland. And that creepy tutor Lindsey. That actress was great. I greatly enjoy watching her get gunned down.

It has been renewed for season 3 and off to the desert we go. Unless Synder has betrayed them.

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I finally got around to watching #WhenWeRise @WhenWeRiseABC, My review...

I really wasn't expecting it to be so emotional for me. I was close to tears many times. The only thing that really brings me to tears are talking or personified dog movies. It was really great and something everyone should watch. It was the full story of LGBT rights, from the early movements, through the AIDS crisis, and onto marriage equality.

So first off, I was 3/8th into it before I realized these were real characters, not fictional characters. Many have actual wikipedia pages. Having this as the real story made it so much better.

I also loved the full aspect of it. Not just about the gay white male, but When We Rise exposed the internalized racism within the gay community that sadly still persists. I love how the original big divide between the gays and lesbian was slowly closed up as we came together as one community. There is strength in that unity, which is why we need to stay unified with our trans family to continue that fight.

I've known the story of Harvey Milk forever. I had either forgotten or never known how quickly it happened after the defeat of the Briggs Initiative. It was only 20 days. At least we had a full year and a half after Obergefell until the backlash of Trump's election. Hopefully that is all the backlash we will see.

One thing I felt connected to was Cleve Jones' conversation with the Clinton official. How they are so afraid that everything will be taken away that they are paralyzed to do anything or ask for anything. I knew people like that in the 90s. After small and incremental progress in the first decade of the century, the slap in the face of Prop 8 still stings to this day. But it woke up a generation just like Trump's election woke up another.

Our fight continues. But there's not as many people being bashed in the streets as there were 40 years ago. And we aren't all about to die of the plague. The acting was great. The huge cast was great. The whole thing was great.

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The Mean Girl Award for #RHWBH goes to @therealPK

I love that you are Boy George's manager. But really, what is wrong with you? Stay out of it! Going after two of my favorites (@erikajayne) and (@eileen_davidson), what is wrong with you? How did you think that it would end well?

Here he is creeping around the corner like something out of a nightmare.

And here he is again ready to butt his way into the conversation.

Only one husband can lurk in the background and that's Vincent.

That still makes me laugh. Hopefully Dorit will not return for another season. She is awful and her husband is the worst.

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My #IronFist Season 1 review @MarvelIronFist ‏

The show got mixed reviews. I didn't understand that at the beginning. I thought it started off strong. The ending was not so great.

The first few episodes I really liked. The assimilation of Danny back into his old life was really well done. I had some issues and I found myself talking to my television saying, "That's not how inheritance law works." And, "That's not how corporate law works." But I like how the show was going. I also like the twist of The Hand.

It really went of the rails in the last couple episodes. Even the quickest look at the drug organization would yield the knowledge that it predated Danny's return by years or decades. Having him be a target of the DEA was the first big "Oh come on!" moment for me. Then that final episode where everyone just ran in without the plan because of emotions was terrible. Especially since it wasn't much different than the original plan.  In the end I was most unsatisfied with the things they didn't resolve in the origin story. Why did he leave K'un-Lun? Why didn't he complete is training? What causes him to go all line-y when he would get frustrated or angry? Was there really a dragon? Is his mother still alive?

It wasn't as good as the other Marvel shows but it wasn't bad. Just not that good.

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My #LegionFX Season 1 review @LegionFX

Legion finished up Season 1 last week. I love it when something so different comes along that ends up not sucking. By the end there was very little unexplained and nothing that really didn't fit into the story. Here's what I loved about it.

1. Aubry Plaza. Her character had the most range and she played it perfectly. As she/it was losing the mind battle in the final episodes, she got more and more crazy and disheveled. Just brilliant. I didn't think I would love her in anything as much as Parks and Rec. I hope to see more of her in Season 2.

2. Jean Smart. It was a great surprise when she showed up at the end of episode 1. She's great in whatever she is in.

3. The pacing of the story. One episode in Clockworks, an episode stuck in the astral plane, one episode rescuing the sister, almost two episodes of everyone stuck in astral Clockworks, then the final standoff. There was very little wasted time.

4. Asylum dancing. There could be more of this in every episode.

5. The style. The clothes and decor were the real star of the show. I wasn't even sure what era they were in until halfway through episode 1 when we finally see a tablet and a flatscreen TV.

The only thing I didn't like was the post credits scene. Let David have some rest before sending him off on another adventure.

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Surprise new @RickandMorty last night

In a great twist on the stupidity that is April Fool's Day, Adult Swim was streaming Rick and Morty S03E01 last night. I made it home by 11 and got to watch it. Rick pushed up the insanity this season. I think the real star was Lawyer Morty.

A lot of fan theories about how Rick would escape hinged on the fact that he's not the real C-137 Rick. This was used in a backwards way where the portal gun was used but it actually fucked up Rick's plans. This probably will go down as the episode with the most deaths.

I had to look up this Mulan promotion McNugget sauce to see if it was a real thing. It was.

The best thing was the return of Bird Phoenix Person.


The #AmazingRace is Back! Season 29!

CBS was super mean to us by waiting 10 months between seasons. Not cool. But it is finally back with teams made of strangers.  These are the teams to watch based on the first impressions.

#TeamLoLo - London and Logan 

I don't know much about them yet but Logan has and incredible body. He needs to take his shirt off more.


I'm always going to root for the gay ginger. He's cute but may have difficulty playing with others.

#TheBoys - Matt and Redmond 

Double the sexiness in one team. These boys are both professional athletes and both super sexy. I want to rub my face in Redmond's beard for hours.

#TeamAmerica - Seth and Olive

Seth Tyler is a gay police officer for the Bellevue Police Department. I work in Bellevue and always try to flirt with the cops when they set up outside our office building. They gave my boss a ticket on Friday. Ha ha! The flirting never goes well but sometimes they at least say hi to me. I've never seen Seth. It is usually this hot tall motorcycle cop named Officer Cummings.  Hehe, cummings. The joke around the office is whenever the Bellevue cops set up, someone will say, "Daniel, your future ex-husband is outside again." Sigh, if only. Look how sexy this fucker is in his uniform! If he had a beard I would spontaneously combust.


My book is done and I'm returning to TV Blogging!

It's available now at Amazon on Kindle or paperback.

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