Sunday, September 27, 2015


Summer 2015 Wrap-up

The new shows have already started. I want to sum up the summer before we get too deep in the fall.

The Best
Wayward Pines. This show was a great surprise. It starts off as a mystery with missing persons in a small town with a crazy nurse and a psychotic sheriff. They mystery is explained relatively early on the the genre shifts. I really enjoy shows with genre shifts. They are very hard to pull off. This could have another season but if it doesn't, no big deal. It was a great ten episodes.

The Second Best
Dark Matter and Killjoys. The Syfy channel has returned to fun space shows. Dark Matter started strong and continued with great characters and great mysteries. Killjoys had a slow arc that really delivered in the final episode. Both get second seasons. I highly recommend both shows.

The Also Goods
Under The Dome. The final season moved real fast with a Matrix world, alien queens, fast growing alien babies, corporate conspiracies, a fake apocalypse, and the dome coming down. Big Jim winning in the end was a little disappointing but I like where the characters ended up. It ended with a possibility for more seasons but I'm not upset with the closure.

The Last Ship. The problem with post-apoc shows is everything sucks and never gets better. Fortunately this isn't true for The Last Ship. The season ended with a new President getting sworn in at the interim Capitol in St. Louis. 

Suits. This show is begging to suffer with what I call 'Dynasty Syndrome'. This is when all the characters only can about gaining control of the one company, or in this case the firm, when they would be more successful just moving on. Hardman wanted to regain control. Harvey is forced to leave. And Mike is finally found out. They need to sort things out.

The Bads
True Detective. The thing about this season is it was Film Noir but they never told anyone. Even more than just Film Noir, this was really trying to be a remake of Chinatown with the rail corridor standing in for the water wars. The big gun battle was stunning but the over complex plot and unhappy ended really turned me off. Let's see if next season is any better.

Complications. The show about a doctor who gets mixed up in a gang war got boring real quick. I bailed after two episodes.

Proof. After the first 30 seconds, I lost interest.

The Reality Shows
Big Brother. This is the first time I’ve watched this show even though this is season 17. I loved and loved to hate the house guests. Vanessa was a great game player and if she had won the final comp, she would have taken it. I loved watching the After Hours feeds with Meg’s game Pot Ball with the Glory Hole. That is what they called the smallest high point target which they tossed balls of foil at.

Bachelor in Paradise. This show is really silly and I’m glad they aren’t taking it too seriously anymore. The cute sitcom style opening with the cast mugging for the camera was the best. Tanner is fucking adorable and I’m glad he found love. Joe is a dangerous criminal. The Bachelor community should be very careful around him.

I Am Cait. This show is important. I loved watching Caitlyn come to understand the community she is unavoidably representing. I look forward to future seasons

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