Sunday, October 12, 2014


New and Returning Shows this week 10/12-10/18

There's a handful of new and returning shows this week.

Sunday 2014-10-12
Affair (Showtime) - Well I don't have showtime so I guess I'm not watching this

Walking Dead (AMC) - Yay, new season.  Are the people in Terminus cannibals?  We will find out tonight.

Monday 2014-10-13
Jane The Virgin (CW) - Why does CW keep trying to make comedies.  This comedy about a virgin impregnated by technology sounds awful.  However it does point out how unmiraculous the Virgin Mary myth is.

Tuesday 2014-10-14
Marry Me (NBC) - This is my top new comedy I have been looking forward to this year.  It has two of my favorites Casey Wilson and Ken Marino as the leads in this RomComSitCom.  It is also was created by the creator of Happy Endings.  I will happily watch it.

Wednesday 2014-10-15
Things You Shouldn’t Say Past Midnight (DirecTV) - This is a comedy I don't know much about.  It's about dating or something.


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