Sunday, September 28, 2014


New and Returning Shows this week 9/28-10/4

Here's the noise on the new and returning shows this week.  Half of them are just tonight.

Sunday 2014-09-28
Once Upon A Time (ABC) - Frozen comes to Storybrook!  I'm so excited.  Also now that True Blood is over, Pam is returning as Maleficent later this season.

Revenge (ABC) - Conrad is dead! David is alive! Victoria is in an asylum!  It's so soapy I can't stand it!

Resurrection (ABC) - Last season was OK.  If the mystery doesn't keep me interested I'll be dropping this one.

Simpsons (Fox) - One of the characters will die in the first episode this season.  The internet thinks it will be Krusty but my guess is Comic Book Guy and then his Japanese girlfriend can take over the store.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Fox) - Now on Sunday.  This show has great characters and that's what makes a great show.

Family Guy (Fox) - The Griffins go to Springfield and meet the Simpsons in the epic crossover everyone has been waiting for.

Monday 2014-09-29
Castle (ABC) - Castle disappeared on the way to his wedding in the let-down finale.  Let's do beter this season.

Tuesday 2014-09-30
Manhattan Love Story (ABC) - The first of the RomComSitComs.  I think only Marry Me will make it through the season but I'll watch all of them.  This one has internal monologues.

Selfie (ABC) - I love Karen Gillan so I'll watch this.  I don't know a lot about it.  It might be a RomComSitCom

Wednesday 2014-10-01
Stalker (CBS) - No.  Just no.

Thursday 2014-10-02
A To Z (NBC) - The second of the RomComSitComs. This one has Peg Bundy as the narrator.

Bad Judge (NBC) - She a judge and she behaves badly.  Not compelling enough.

Gracepoint (Fox) - A remake of the great BBC murder mystery Broadchurch.  It's a miniseries so there's no long term commitment.


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