Sunday, September 28, 2014


Wow, #OnceUponATime was better than expected. #TaleAsOldAsTime #MarianMustDie


Sadly #TheSimpsons was a non-funny disappointment


New and Returning Shows this week 9/28-10/4

Here's the noise on the new and returning shows this week.  Half of them are just tonight.

Sunday 2014-09-28
Once Upon A Time (ABC) - Frozen comes to Storybrook!  I'm so excited.  Also now that True Blood is over, Pam is returning as Maleficent later this season.

Revenge (ABC) - Conrad is dead! David is alive! Victoria is in an asylum!  It's so soapy I can't stand it!

Resurrection (ABC) - Last season was OK.  If the mystery doesn't keep me interested I'll be dropping this one.

Simpsons (Fox) - One of the characters will die in the first episode this season.  The internet thinks it will be Krusty but my guess is Comic Book Guy and then his Japanese girlfriend can take over the store.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Fox) - Now on Sunday.  This show has great characters and that's what makes a great show.

Family Guy (Fox) - The Griffins go to Springfield and meet the Simpsons in the epic crossover everyone has been waiting for.

Monday 2014-09-29
Castle (ABC) - Castle disappeared on the way to his wedding in the let-down finale.  Let's do beter this season.

Tuesday 2014-09-30
Manhattan Love Story (ABC) - The first of the RomComSitComs.  I think only Marry Me will make it through the season but I'll watch all of them.  This one has internal monologues.

Selfie (ABC) - I love Karen Gillan so I'll watch this.  I don't know a lot about it.  It might be a RomComSitCom

Wednesday 2014-10-01
Stalker (CBS) - No.  Just no.

Thursday 2014-10-02
A To Z (NBC) - The second of the RomComSitComs. This one has Peg Bundy as the narrator.

Bad Judge (NBC) - She a judge and she behaves badly.  Not compelling enough.

Gracepoint (Fox) - A remake of the great BBC murder mystery Broadchurch.  It's a miniseries so there's no long term commitment.


Saturday, September 27, 2014


SNL returns tonight for season 40

I think a lot of people have unfairly given up on SNL.  Yes it's not super funny from start to finish but was it ever?  But there's often one great sketch per episode.  Here is my top ten favorite skits from last season.

10. Waking Up With Kimye (Lady Gaga) - Kim wore it better.  Lady Gaga gets to make fun of her over-the-top outfits.

9. Johnny Weir on Ellen (Jim Parsons) - You don't get gays doing impressions of gays too often.  Here we get two at once with the delightfully normal looking Jim Parson doing a great outrageous Johnny Weir to Kate McKinnon as Ellen.

8. The Bird Bible (Andrew Garfield) - Kate McKinnon is unsettlingly creepy as the religious mom reading The Bird Bible with her son.

7. New Cast Member or Arcade Fire (Tina Fey) - What probably started out as actual confusion in the studio turned into a great gameshow where both Tina and Lorne could make fun of themselves.  And when Lorne finally retires or dies, it's clear that Tina Fey should take over as Executive Producer.

6. Do It On My Twin Bed (Jimmy Fallon) - All the awkwardness of visiting family for the holidays all rolled up in one nasty song.

5. Your Love by The Outfield (Josh Hutchinson) - Let's go to the 80's mall and get some leg warmers!

4. Manolo Blahnik (Tina Fey), Lamborgini (Jonah Hill), Bvlgari (Andy Samberg) - They're not porn stars anymore but they are the best recurring characters of the season.

3. Bikini Beach Party (Charlize Theron) - I couldn't stop laughing when I first watched this.  This is so dense with jokes and there's a dead whale!

2. The Midnight Coterie of Sinister Intruders (Ed Norton) - Dear homeowner, Can we kill you? -The Murderers.  Dear Murderers, No you may not. -The Homeowner.  It's also Alec Baldwin's final cameo before his public meltdown last fall. It was the best skit of the season until...

1. Dongs All Over the World (Anna Kendrick).  Are you from Istanbul? No, I'm actually an International Nasty Girl and me and my friends are doing every dong in the world.  This tops my list because I too am an International Nasty Girl.

With special mention to the two greatest Weekend Update performances: Kate McKinnon as Angela Merkel (new mobile, who dis?) and Taram Killem as 19th Century critic Jebidiah Atkinson.


Sunday, September 21, 2014


New and Returning Shows this week 9/21-9/27

It's officially fall 2014 so the new and returning shows are coming at us fast.  Here's what's new this week:

Sunday 2014-09-21
Madam Secretary (CBS) - Sunday is a very busy night so if this show doesn't blow me away tonight, it's off the list.  This is similar to the Sigourney Weaver show Political Animals which didn't get a second season.

Monday 2014-09-22
Big Bang Theory (CBS) - It's back on Monday and renewed for three more season, it's the show about smart people for dumb people.  I'm in for the long haul.

Blacklist (NBC) - James Spader does the near impossible task of making a career criminal and contract killer likable.  I'm looking forward to season 2.

Forever (ABC) - I still haven't decided if I want to watch this one.  It's about a NYC medical examiner who also happens to be immortal.

Gotham (Fox) - This is one of the most anticipated shows of the year.  I love Ben McKenzie and I'm delighted to see him as Detective Gordon.

Scorpion (CBS) - Planes have pilots and can't be crashed by computers.  Go away.

Sleepy Hollow (Fox) - I started watching season 1 over the summer but only made it through 3 episodes.  I do love the big witchcraft and four horseman themes.  I might sandbag season 2 while trying to catch up on season 1.

Tuesday 2014-09-23
Agents Of SHIELD (ABC) - I was really surprised to hear a lot of people gave up on this show in the beginning.  I thought season 1 was great from start to finish.

Wednesday 2014-09-24
Goldbergs (ABC) - Yay!  The best new comedy of last season is back.  I love the crazy older brother, I love the mom, and I love that it takes place in the year 1980-something.

Black-ish (ABC) - There's a lot of new comedies and I don't think I care about one about a family, even a rich black family in Beverly Hills.

Key and Peele (CC) - I've only caught episodes here and there but this season I'm all in.  This is one of the best sketch comedy shows on TV right now.

South Park (CC) - Remember when South Park did two 7 episodes half season instead of one 10 episode season?  Yeah, I mad because they do 4 less episodes a year now except the show is still great.  Last season they had the epic three part Game of Thrones spoof and the instant classic World War Zimmerman.  I can't wait to see what shenanigans the boys get up to this year!

Thursday 2014-09-25
How To Get Away With Murder (ABC) - I do like a good lawyer show but I think I'll pass on this.

Friday 2014-09-26
Amazing Race (CBS) - Looking at the list of contestants for season 25, my early favorites are the married surfer team.  It's now on Friday.

Saturday 2014-09-27
Saturday Night Live (NBC) - It's season 40!  The first host is the super sexy super star Chris Prat


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