Monday, May 26, 2014


NBC Fall 2014 Shows

Something strange happen with the upfronts this year.  Back when I was in high school, the only way to find out what happened in the upfronts was a small article in the LA Times Calendar section.  Now there is so much interest in the process, you can track many of the pilots through the process online. The upfront announcements are no longer about announcing the new shows but what the final pick is and what the order is.  Most of the trailers for the new shows have been online for weeks.

Anyway here is my take on the NBC shows.

Marry Me
You had me at "from the creators of Happy Endings".  Casey Wilson and one of the docs from Childrens Hospital star.  Definitely yes.

State of Affairs
The woman who Shelly Long'd her way off Grey's Anatomy is back as CIA agent who was engaged to the president's son before he was killed abroad by terrorists.  Or maybe he was assassinated.   Probably yes.

No this isn't Supernatural.  The angels have visible wings instead of virtual wings and the demons have glassy eyes instead of black eyes.  It's totally not Supernatural.  This is definitely no.

Bad Judge
She's a judge who parties to much and sleeps with her expert witnesses.  Also she might be fostering the son of two people she put in jail.  Probably no.

The Mysteries of Laura
Grace is back now a NYPD detective and single mom.  Probably yes.

A to Z
Another romantic comedy staring the Mother from HIMYM. The first episode is their first date.  Looks good so probably yes.

Definitely yes - I will watch every episode
Probably yes - I will watch the pilot
Probably no - I might watch the pilot
Definitely no - I won't even watch the pilot

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