Wednesday, May 28, 2014


ABC Fall 2014 Shows

The Whispers
This super creepy show is about children who get instructions from invisible friends to do terrible things.  Are they ghosts, aliens, interdimensional invaders, or the voices from the future?  It’s probably aliens.  Plus Aiden from Revenge is back, yay!  Definite yes.

A Latina corporate worker and law student deals with family, work, and school.  Probably no.

How to Get Away With Murder
Law students and their professor is also a high end defense attorney. Looks like the plot of Legally Blonde.  Probably no.

New York’s best medical examiner has secret: he’s immortal. Probably no.

The father of a rich black family is worried his family is loosing their blackness.  Probably no.

Secrets and Lies
Ryan Phillip is a dad accused of killing a neighborhood boy.  Julliete Lewis is the detective investigating.  Looks good but I’m not sure how they can stretch this into a series.  Probably yes.

American Crime
Another show about one murder.  The victim is white and suspect is Latino with lots of racial discussion.  Also, how could this stretch into a series.  Probably yes.

No joke this is a musical comedy about a medieval knight.  This will be an amazing flop of which I will watch every episode.  Definitely yes.

It stars Amy from Doctor Who so definitely yes.

Fresh Off The Boat
An Asian family is running a cowboy steak restaurant in 1990’s Orlando.  The 90’s setting is what make this look good.  Probably yes.

Manhattan Love Story
Similar to NBC’s A to Z, this is about a couple who start dating in the pilot.  Except it’s in New York and we can hear their inner dialogs.  Probably yes.

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