Sunday, September 29, 2013


7 new shows start this week, what I'm watching and why

What To Watch The Week of September 30
(In order of appearance on TV this week)

Super Fun Night
When: Wednesday at 9:30 on ABC
What: A lawyer parties with her friends every Friday night
Why: Rebel Wilson is hilarious.  This is getting bad reviews but I'll watch anything Rebel Wilson is in.

Welcome To The Family
When: Thursday at 8:30 on NBC
What: Teens get pregnant and their families meet and fight and stuff
Why: Because I watch anything NBC has on Thursday night

Sean Saves The World
When: Thursday at 9:00 on NBC
What: Sean Hayes is a single gay dad with a demanding worklife.
Why: Even though this is very low ranked among new show, it has a gay character and it is on NBC Thursday night so I'm watching it.  Also Jack's mom is Alice.

Also The Miller's starts this week.  I had thought it was last week so I guess that makes 8 new shows.

What I'm not watching

When: Sunday at 10:00 on ABC
What: A woman cheats on her husband with a man who is being prosecuted by her husband
Why Not: Does the world really need another one word drama (Scandal, Revenge, Deception...)? I think not.

We Are Men
When: Monday at 8:30 on CBS
What: Four men hang out in their apartment complex.
Why Not: This is considered the worst of the new season, this year's Work It!

When: Wednesday at 10:00 on NBC
What: Wheelchair bound detective solves crimes
Why Not: Although I love Blair Underwood, this just looks terrible

The Originals 
When: Thursday at 9:00 on CW
What: More Vampires in this spin-off from The Vampire Diaries
Why Not: I don't watch The Vampire Diaries

And returning shows include:
The Simpsons - with a Homeland spoof tonight
Bob's Burgers - I love this show and so should you
Family Guy & American Dad - still funny
Revenge - Who will be the next to get the red sharpie X?

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