Sunday, September 22, 2013


11 new shows debut this week, what I'm watching and why

What To Watch The Week of September 23
(In order of appearance on TV this week)

When: Monday at 9:30 on CBS
What: Single mom has her mother move in with her and her teenage daughter
Why: Three names: Chuck Lorre, Allison Janey, and Anna Ferris.  With a cast and creator like this, this show is a must watch

The Blacklist
When: Monday at 10:00 on NBC
What: Bad guy turns himself into the FBI and starts helping them catch other bad guys.
Why: James Spader is a must watch.  He has been brilliant on everything he's done on TV.  The premise sounds good but could go crazy and unwatchable quickly so I hope they don't blow it.

Marvel's Agent's of S.H.I.E.L.D.
When: Tuesday at 8:00 on ABC
What: Did you not read the title of the show?
Why: Did you not read the title of the show?

The Goldbergs
When: Tuesday at 9:00 on ABC
What: Family comedy taking place in the 80s.
Why: Did you grow up in the 80s? Then you will want to watch.  It's this decade's The Wonder Years.

The Millers
When: Thursday at 8:30 on CBS
What: After getting divorced, Will Arnet's parents decide to get divorced too and his mom moves in with him.
Why: This is getting bad reviews but it was the only 3 minute preview that made me laugh out loud.  Good writing and great casting can overcome a weak premise.

The Michael J Fox Show
When: Thursday at 9:30 on NBC
What: Semi-autobiographical about a guy with Parkinsons returning to work.
Why: Because Michael J Fox is America's treasure.

What Not To Watch
When: who cares, don't watch this
What: A family is taken hostage to force the mom surgeon to kill the president during his scheduled operation.
Why Not: Even though this made both TV Guide and EW best list, I can't get on board.  How could this stretch out for a whole season? And then what do they do in season 2? They compare it to 24 but that makes me want to watch it less.  They say the family will get out of the house later in the season but they will still be hostages.  I think they don't even know the definition of the word that is the title of the show.

Trophy Wife
What: Third wife has to deal with previous wives and step kids.
Why Not: Nothing about this premise excites me or make me want to watch

Lucky 7
What: A group of coworkers win the big lottery jackpot.
Why Not: I'm not really interested in watching people's lives be destroyed by money. There is really no other way this story can play out to be interesting.  No one wants to watch a responsible lottery winner set up a budget with his financial planner and then travel and work for charities.  That would not make for good television so this could only end in sadness.

Back In The Game
What: Bad News Bears the TV show with a lady coach.
Why Not: Like Trophy wife this premise does not interest me. I'm not interested in a family with three generation of baseball players.  Snooze.

The Crazy Ones
What: Sarah Michelle Geller and Robin Williams play a father-daughter ad team.
Why Not: This had one of the worst looking 3 minute preview last spring.  Review say SMG's character is a wet blanket.  Also I'm pretty sure the sexy James Wolk is a curse as none of his shows ever do well.

Also Don't Miss the Return of:
How I Met Your Mother: now with 100% more mother!
Castle: will she say yes?
Revolution: Now on Wednesday
South Park: Season 17, mo-fos
Parks and Recreation: Now in London! For the first episode at least.
Glee: now with 100% fewer Finn's!
Elementary: My favorite new show of last year.  I should probably get around to watching Sherlock on Netflix.

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