Thursday, May 30, 2013


CBS Fall 2013 Shows

Not much new from CBS this year.

We Are Men - Four divorced friends live in the same apartment complex and start dating again.  The clip online looks just awful despite a good cast.

Mom - Anna Faris is a single mom who also lives with her crazy mom played by Allison Janey.  It's from Chuck Lorre so it could be good like Big Bang or terrible like 2.5 men.  Either way it will be successful.

Hostages - The doctor who is going to operate on the president has her family taken hostage so she will kill the prez on the operating table.  I'm not sure how they can drag this out more than one season but it looks good.

The Millers - They had me at Will Arnet.  When parents find out that both their son and daughter have secretly gotten divorced without telling them, they get divorced and move in with both of them.

The Crazy Ones - Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar are father/daughter partners in an ad agency.  The promo looks terrible.

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OMG I just watched the preview for The Crazy Ones. Don't they know that Robin Williams isn't funny off script anymore? Tragic.

If they can make people believe that Robin Williams is sane in real life AND the writing is good this might have a chance.

If they let Robin Williams do a promotional tour just forget it.
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